A year ahead of the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial election, the candidacy has not yet officially opened. However, there are many names that already declared their interest. Among them are famous names such as Yusril Ihza Mahendra, Ahmad Dhani, and the incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok). Equally interesting, among the news of the Gubernatorial race is the land procurement issue of Sumber Waras Hospital.

In 2014, The Jakarta Provincial Government purchased the land to build Sumber Waras Hospital. The 36.410 m² lands are worth 755.68 billion and purchased through the Health Office. The payments are made to Sumber Waras Health Foundation (Yayasan Kesehatan Sumber Waras, or YKSW) on December 30th 2014.

The Supreme Audit Agency (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan, or BPK) concludes there is a potential state losses on the purchase. In the 17 pages audit, BPK said that the state losses potentially amounted to 191.33 billion rupiah.

In the same audit, BPK described that at least there are six irregularities in the process of land purchases. First, the designation of land worth 755.68 billion Rupiah was not in accordance with the applicable provisions. Second, the Governor’s disposition that instruct Jakarta Planning Agency to allocate the land purchasing budget in 2014 State Budget (APBN) was also not in accordance with the provisions. Third, determination of the location was not through a fair feasibility and technical studies, thus indicated it was just a mere formality. Fourth, the land purchase was made during the YKSW still tied to an agreement. Fifth, the land handed by the YKSW was not in accordance with those offered, resulting differences in land prices. Sixth, the certificate of waiver and payment has been made by YKSW before they pay land and building tax arrears amounted to 6.6 billion.

The important question is, was that really a corruption on the land purchases? The question can be answered if a tort is found, also the potential losses of State and the Jakarta Provincial Government’s intention.

The most notable differences lie in the calculation of the State losses. According to the BPK’s audit, the state losses calculation based on Taxable Value (Nilai Jual Objek Pajak, or NJOP). The Jakarta Provincial Government considered purchasing the land that is overly high-priced. The BPK’s state losses rate version is obtained from the differences of NJOP year 2013, which is 15.5 million rupiah per square meter, while at the time of the purchases, the Jakarta Provincial Government used the NJOP year 2014, which is 20.75 million rupiah per square meter.

Which one is correct? In addition, the purchase was made in December 2014. Thus, it is appropriate to use the NJOP rate year 2014. At the same time, the Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, or KPK) has conducted severalreviews. Temporary conclusion, there are no indications of corruption in the land procurement for Sumber Waras Hospital. KPK has summoned 33 persons for questioning. However, the commission has not found any potential abuse of authority.

There are many basic differences between KPK, BPK, and the Jakarta Provincial Government. Therefore, it is better to wait for a process that is now being rolled by the Anti-corruption Commission. Since it is too early to tell there is a corruption in this matter.

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